Human Annotation

Sl. No. Title Publication Year Link Status
1 On Releasing Annotator-Level Labels and Information in Datasets 2021 Click Read
2 Dealing with Disagreements: Looking Beyond the Majority Vote in Subjective Annotations 2021 Click Reading
3 Near-Negative Distinction: Giving a Second Life to Human Evaluation Datasets 2022 Click Not Read
4 Balancing out Bias: Achieving Fairness Through Balanced Training 2021 Click Not Read
5 Annotators with Attitudes: How Annotator Beliefs And Identities Bias Toxic Language Detection 2021 Click Not Read
6 Are We Modeling the Task or the Annotator? An Investigation of Annotator Bias in Natural Language Understanding Datasets 2019 Click Not Read
7 Identifying and Measuring Annotator Bias Based on Annotatorsā€™ Demographic Characteristics 2020 Click Not Read
8 Investigating Annotator Bias with a Graph-Based Approach 2020 Click Not Read
9 Identifying Annotator Bias: A new IRT-based method for bias identification 2020 Click Not Read
10 End-to-End Annotator Bias Approximation on Crowdsourced Single-Label Sentiment Analysis 2021 Click Not Read
11 Who Said What: Modeling Individual Labelers Improves Classification 2018 Click Not Read
12 Every Rating Matters: Joint learning of subjective labels and individual annotators for speech emotion classification 2019 Click Not Read